About us


Techno Marketing Group is an established provider of IT Solutions for business and government. Founded in 2000, We have grown consistently and profitably. The talented and dedicated team at Techno has always been the backbone of the company. The products, tools are no less than any in the industry with respect to the features and functionality. At Techno, our model is simple - we partner with our clients to provide the right solution for their IT needs. From turn-key solutions to strategic resourcing, our value is based on our flexible ability to align our expertise, tools, and behaviors to enable success..

Our Value - Accelerate Your IT

What does this mean? At Techno, one of our key differentiators is our ability to create value quickly. We apply high velocity and agility in everything we do. We work quickly to gain measurable and immediate results.

We do not delay engagements in the interest of revenue. Nor do we work at the expense of quality. We apply focused efforts to achieve clear goals, expectations and commitments.

Acceleration isn't just a value statement - it's also a result. It's what we do and it's what our clients receive.

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