Application Integration Server

The Integration Server is a highly scalable runtime platform that provides real-time, multi-interface access to a wide variety of disparate enterprise applications. It performs three primary functions: application information sourcing and aggregation, data transformation, and data delivery.

Sourcing and Aggregation

Source information from multiple sources and aggregate for delivery. Xpointer based path expression.

Content/ Data Processing

Ability to transform existing content sourced from HTML web sites, Relational Databases, XML feeds, Web Services Interfaces, Tibco or MQSeries message buses, LDAP directories

Application processing

Integrated with applications written in JSP/ASP/TCL/ JavaScript, 3rd Party vendors (IE Vignette/ Broad Vision /ATG /Cold Fusion) and Legacy apps

Cross application integration

Link together information and applications from multiple sources within a single mobile workflow

Highly scalable architecture

Capable of supporting hundreds of simultaneous deployment nodes and scaling to support carrier grade load with full fault tolerant redundancy

Extensible SDK

Extensive APIs enable additional content and application sources to be supported, custom content transformation to be developed, as well as the extension of base server functionality

Data Integration Server

Data Integration Server (DIS) reduces the overhead of storing and updating meta data in many separate catalogs by permitting the meta data to be shared across the environment. End-to-end meta data sharing among all tools within the integration process ensures that all relevant meta data is connected, enabling a clear, unambiguous picture of the business.

Meta Data Management

The meta data analysis and management capabilities of DIS ensure integration and reuse of business rules across the entire business intelligence infrastructure for a seamless solution without requiring custom code.

Impact Analysis

Cross tool impact analysis and data lineage reporting accrue as a natural by-product of this unique approach to data integration across the entire integration lifecycle process.

Publish and Subscribe

"Publish and subscribe" mechanism publishes meta data standards and definitions to end users, promoting singular understanding of critical business data.

Analytics Capabilities

Improved decision support by integrating valuable corporate information for analytics providing an aggregate view of the business.


Single and open repository for ease of maintenance and reporting. Allows the business users to add their own business terms, descriptions and other attributes to tables and columns.

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