IT Consulting
Organizations today have the choice of countless technology directions but will only achieve their desired results if they use the right tools in the right ways. To navigate this complexity, decision-makers must answer some tough questions, such as:
  • How to reap the return from existing enterprise systems and other IT investments?
  • How to adapt to the convergence of communication technologies?
  • How to optimize the new windows of opportunity in the global business environment?
  • How to integrate systems for seamless information exchange?
  • How to build and maintain systems that support the business processes, not constrain them?
  • How to differentiate your business from your competition?
At Techno, our consulting services include:
  • Strategic Planning. To create and/or validate short-term and long-term strategic business plans
  • Process Consulting. To define core processes, align them to business strategies, and optimize them through automation
  • IT Planning. To align IT infrastructure and applications to the organization's strategic direction
  • Due Diligence. To develop a baseline of the existing processes and IT environment and recommend improvements
  • Knowledge Management. To consciously and comprehensively gather, organize, share, and analyze an organization's knowledge in terms of resources, documents, and people skills
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