Multi-protocol Messaging Server(MMS)

The MMS provides framework which is independent of all the current transportation layer protocols and the framework is fully extendable for any newer protocol. Multimedia Messaging Service and Short Messaging Service are integrated in the framework and currently supporting TCP/IP, HTTP, SMPP, SNPP, TAP, WAP Push and WCTP.

Publish and Subscribe

The publisher sends a message to a topic. The message broker records the message in its log, acknowledges receipt to the producer, and immediately distributes the message to all consumers of that topic. The Pub/Sub session thread has publishers producing messages to destinations maintained by the message broker and subscribers consuming messages that the message broker delivered from topics to which the session is subscribed.


The MMS is capable of working in the VPN, SSH and HTTPS environment. And also it supports WTLS (Wireless Transport Layer Suite), which is part of the WAP suite and is a derivative of SSL (Secured Socket Layer), optimized for wireless networks
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