Custom Solutions

Organizations can only have strategic advantage in several key areas without diluting the focus and expertise of the employees. To keep the focus sharpened on the core competencies of the business, some companies choose to outsource IT functions to a partner. As a part of the outsourcing relationship, the company entrusts the IT processes to a team of experienced, skilled specialists - a team with a deeper skill set than could be assembled by the company itself. Since the outsourcing team can provide the services across a broad range, the costs can be reduced based on economies of scale and degrees of efficiency. The team can also serve as a single point of contact, assuming full accountability for ongoing operations and the end results.

When your organization is looking to funnel all its efforts toward its core processes, we serve as a strategic, specialized partner to seamlessly plan, operate, and manage an aspect of your IT business. We provide the outsourcing services that range from desktops to applications to infrastructures. The defining characteristics of our outsourcing services are its:

  • Flexibility to respond to your specific needs
  • Processes for strong ongoing communication
  • Deep industry knowledge for applying technology in the most cost-effective way
  • Ability to proactively anticipate the direction of technology for your industry and shape the strategy for systems and processes in your organization
At Techno, our outsourcing services include:
  • Desktop Management.
    To manage and maintain the desktop computing environments through the use of automated desktop management technologies
  • Production Support.
    To manage and maintain corporate computing environments, IT operations, and business applications
  • Application Outsourcing.
    To migrate, maintain, and support the business applications
  • Project Management Office.
    To provide a management structure to ensure that projects are completed on-time and under-budget
  • Model Office.
    To replicate a production environment and pass applications through a rigorous testing and validation process
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