Presentation Server

The Presentation Server is a high-performance transformation and delivery engine that provides multi-channel presentation services by integrating existing corporate applications and data with push, pull delivery by leveraging the capabilities of the Integration Server. This component provides the capability to define presentation ready delivery formats for multiple interfaces on top of the information delivery layer of the Integration Server.


Interface mapping, Markup language conversion, Image transcoding, text summarization, Pagination, Compression


Manage user roaming by managing session information, transferring sessions between channel, and through message transfer

Request profiling

Client's requests detection & auto categorization, Device library for Mobile clients, user management, multi-clients login .

Integrated Delivery

Provides a single delivery server that can handle Desktop / Online / Offline / and Notification delivery.

Compression & Streaming

Provides high performance compression using gzip and secondary boost. Provides continual streaming of media thread.

Multi-channel delivery

Desktop clients, PC browsers, Smart Phone, PDA, Voice, Internet kiosks and appliances

Integrated Workflow

Link together information and applications from multiple sources within a single workflow.

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