Secure Access Server

Secure Collaboration Gateway

The Secure Collaboration Gateway provides authentication and authorization services for flexible and confident security management when integrating back-end systems for delivery outside the enterprise. It integrates with existing security servers such as Entrust and RSA to allow a consistent layer of security for all enterprise integration efforts.

HTTP(s) Proxy

Full HTTP(s) listener, and Proxy to receive incoming requests, analyze, and originate corresponding requests to the intended application

URL Obfuscation

All URLs are rewritten to a compressed form, hiding all information about actual application URLs

MIME-type validation and filtering

Validates requested MIME-type and file extensions as well as provides configurable set of allowable MIME-types to be delivered

Cookie Proxy

Cookies and session information associated with internal applications are managed internally, preventing such information from being sent outside the enterprise.

Query Parameter Validation

Configurable validation and filtering of query parameters to prevent HTTP query attacks on internal applications

Session Key Management

A single unique encrypted session key that can be changed with every request, protecting against session, manages session hijacking

Existing Security Solution

Integration Leverages existing authorization and authentication infrastructures such as RSA, Entrust, Oblix, SSL and LDAP to complete the enterprise security architecture.
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